Halloween Chocolate Pumpkin Mummy Donuts

We love Halloween around here and love to bake.  These mummy donuts were just so fun to make.  Typically in the past when we’re making donuts we like to just use our mixes as is which works great, but for these we changed them up and added pumpkin to them.  The pumpkin taste in these […]

Pumpkin Donuts with a Maple Glaze or Cinnamon Sugar Topping

Anything pumpkin – I am here for it!  And I assume you are too if you’re here now reading this!  We made some delicious pumpkin donuts using our vanilla cake mix.  We topped half of them with a maple glaze using our vanilla frosting mix and half topped with cinnamon sugar.  They are both really […]

Pumpkin Frosted Mini Pumpkin Shaped Cakes

We recently made pumpkin spice frosting using our vanilla frosting mix as the base and they were so good. We decided to take the frosting and place atop our vanilla cake mix as well and make mini pumpkin shaped cakes.  These would be great if you’re having a Halloween dessert or for Thanksgiving or just […]