We know decorating a cake can seem difficult but we have some easy to follow instructions for you.

Below we are sharing some of our tips and ideas for using our mixes and decorating your baked goodies.

Check to ensure your cake(s) is /are flat. If not, use a serrated knife or cake leveler to saw off the top to make a flat surface. Go slow to ensure you are cutting an even line.

Add a cake board onto a cake turntable. (While a cake turntable isn’t necessary it can be helpful). Place a small amount of frosting on a cake board and add the first cake layer atop, centering it.

If making a single layer cake skip to next step.  If making a multi-layer cake place a large dollop of frosting in the center of the cake. Spread evenly until it reaches a little past the edges. Place the additional cake atop, aligning with the bottom layer. Repeat for each layer.

Apply a crumb coating (thin layer of frosting applied before adding the top layer of frosting), by placing a dollop of frosting on to the top of the cake and spreading evenly with an offset spatula. (An offset spatula is recommended). Using the turntable spin it around as you push the frosting towards the edges.

Apply a small amount of frosting on the side of the cake, gently spread it all the way around, using more frosting as needed.

Do not press too hard. You may still be able to see the cake underneath, but there will be a thin film of frosting covering the cake.

Refrigerate for 20 minutes, or until the crumb coating has hardened.

Apply the top layer of frosting using the same technique as you did to apply the crumb coating.

To get a cleaner top layer on the top and sides, dip your spatula in hot water and wipe with a towel. Run the spatula around the sides and top.

Wipe away any excess frosting that is on the cake board with a damp towel.

To decorate the bottom border, prepare piping bag with your desired piping tip and place the end of the tip at a 45º angle where the bottom of the cake meets the board. Press gently in a short burst and pipe out the desired shape, releasing pressure as you pull the bag away. Repeat this process to create a bottom border, spinning the cake turntable as you pipe.

To decorate the top border, place the end of the tip close to the edge of the top of the cake at a little less than a 90º angle. Press gently on the bag in one short burst, and pipe out the desired shape, releasing pressure as you pull the bag away. Repeat this process as you did for the bottom, spinning the cake turntable as you go.

Apply decorations, like sprinkles, for the final finishing touch and add optional cake topper!

Store cake on counter or fridge in a covered container. Cake is best served at room temperature day of or day after making.

Check back for additional tutorials and check out our youtube channel for videos!