S’mores Donuts

Smore’s are a family favorite, but not something we tend to make frequently because I would typically only make them with a campfire and camping. My children and I started making smore’s brownie cupcakes a year or so ago and it’s been a great replacement for smore’s over a campfire. Most recently they have been asking […]

Mint Glazed Donuts

We’re all about mint and chocolate and for St. Patrick’s Day week we decided to make some donuts with a mint glaze and the kids and I really loved these! You’ll need our chocolate cake and vanilla frosting mix to make these. It is top 14 allergen free, gluten free and vegan. For the chocolate drizzle […]

Gingerbread Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Gingerbread Donuts

Gingerbread is a perfect compliment to the winter holidays, and we have decided to use this recipe for both donuts and mini gingerbread shaped cupcakes. For the donuts we topped them with a cinnamon sugar mixture. You can see the gingerbread mini cakes here. We topped those with a little frosting piped on with a […]

Reindeer Donuts

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Reindeer Donuts on Rack

Christmas is coming and that means Santa and his reindeers will soon be here! For Christmas this year the kids are asking for donuts, so we did a trial run and made some red-nosed reindeer ones. Of course you can make them any color nosed you’d like. For these donuts we used our chocolate cake […]

Turkey Donuts

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Turkey Donut on Tray

Thanksgiving is near and we have some fun and festive turkey treats to share with you! For these donuts we used our chocolate cake mix and we made a glaze with our chocolate frosting mix. We also used our dark rainbow sprinkles, eyeball candies and candy corn atop.  Gobble gobble, we think these are the cutest […]

Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Kate's Safe and Sweet - Apple Cider Donut High Stack

Fall means apple cider donuts and this recipe yields the classic flavor of baked cider donuts white being gluten free, vegan and top allergen free.  These donuts are made with our Vanilla Cake Mix and with an apple cider reduction to intensity its flavor. These are cakey and delicious and served warm and dipped in […]