Brownie Waffles

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Brownie Waffles with Berries

I never knew brownie waffles were “a thing” until my Mom mentioned them to be a few weeks ago and suggested I give them a try so I tried them and my kids and I agreed that they were amazing! This past week on a rainy afternoon a few days before Valentine’s Day seemed like […]

Brownie Truffles

Kate's Safe and Sweet - Brownie Truffles with Sprinkles-

Brownie truffles are a fun Valentine’s Day dessert that kids love to both participate in making and eating.  Made easily with our double chocolate brownie mix these little treats are sure to please! For this recipe you’ll need our double chocolate brownie mix. You will also need to use your choice of safe chocolate. You may […]

Raspberry Filled Heart-Shaped Brownies

Kate's Safe and Sweet - Raspberry Brownies with Box-

Delicious and adorable heart-shaped brownies filled with a creamy raspberry frosting make a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. For this recipe you’ll need our double chocolate brownie mix and vanilla frosting mix. This recipe is top 14 allergen free, gluten free and vegan.  Our brownie mix requires just oil and water to bake. The first step to making […]