Baking Squad Feature: Rachel McFall of AllerGene Friendly

Rachel Allergene Friendly - Baking Squad Feature
We are so excited to share some of our Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Squad with you throughout the next few months.

Today we are Introducing you to our Baking Squad Ambassador Rachel from AllerGene Friendly.  Learn more about Rachel in our below short interview.  I love her holiday tradition and can’t wait to see some of her new recipes for 2021!
Rachel Allergene Friendly - Baking Squad Feature

⁠❤️ About: ⁠Hi! I’m Rachel McFall of allerGenefriendly. I live in northwest Houston, Texas with my husband and our two kids, Gene & Farrah. We spend most of our free time eating Tex-Mex or hanging out with our large extended family (or doing both simultaneously). At just 6 months old, Gene was diagnosed with severe allergies to peanuts, eggs, and wheat. He is the only one in our family with food allergies, but we all follow his diet- All for one and one for all! I share products we love, stories of allergy-mom life, easy recipes, and tips & tricks to surviving it all.

❤️ Favorite holiday tradition with your family: ⁠Each year when we decorate our Christmas tree, the kids are gifted an ornament with their name and the year on it. It signifies something about them that year- it could be a character they’ve become obsessed with, a sport they played, etc. My mom started this tradition and it’s been my favorite to pass on with my kids, especially because it doesn’t involve food.

❤️ Goals for 2021⁠: I would love to add more recipes to the blog! As the kids are getting older, it’s time to branch out of the “frozen chicken nuggets for every meal” routine.

❤️ Favorite thing about Kate’s Safe and Sweet: ⁠Honestly, my favorite thing about Kate’s Safe & Sweet is how personal Kate makes things. It’s not just business to her and that’s obvious with every order- it keeps us coming back time and time again! That and the fact that when we make desserts with her mixes, no one can tell they’re allergy-friendly. That’s how you know they’re good!!

Rachel - AllerGene Friendly
Thank you Rachel for sharing a snippet into your life!  Check out her blog here.

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