Baking Squad Feature: Katie Greene of Life with Itchy

Kate's Safe and Sweet - Baking Squad Feature- Katie Greene
We are so excited to share some of our Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Squad with you throughout the next few months.

Today we are Introducing you to our Baking Squad Ambassador Katie from Life With Itchy.  Learn more about Katie in our below short interview and why she likes to make us in the food allergy community laugh!
Kate's Safe and Sweet - Baking Squad Feature- Katie Greene

⁠❤️ About: ⁠I am Katie, a SoCal resident, wife and stay at home mom. I have two boys jack 4 and James 2 . James has allergies to egg, dairy, treenuts, peanuts, and peas. We also fight the eczema fight. He was diagnosed at 4 months after reacting to my breast milk. I entered this community when he was 10 months old. I wanted to find support and information. I started life_with_itchy_ a few months after he turned one. I wanted to not only raise awareness but make people laugh. I believe laughter is so needed in life and to survive this crazy world. With all the anxiety and stress in our community why not try and lighten the load. Oh and I love to hike!

❤️ Favorite holiday tradition with your family: ⁠My favorite holiday tradition is watching “it’s a wonderful life “ every Christmas Eve night with my husband.

❤️ Goals for 2021⁠: ⁠I want to try and focus on self love and body positivity.

❤️ Favorite thing about Kate’s Safe and Sweet: ⁠ummm besides the ridiculously good frosting, I would have to say Kate herself. Her attention to detail, passion , creativity and kindness is what makes me want to try everything and anything she makes. With Kate it’s not just here is some safe cooking mix, it an entire experience.

Thank you Katie for sharing such kind words and a snippet into your life!

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