Funfetti Waffles using Kate’s Safe and Sweet Cake Mix and Sprinkles

Waffles with a cake mix!? Why not! My daughter and I did some experimenting and we made some delicious funfetti waffles using Kate’s Safe and Sweet Vanilla Cake Mix.

These make a fun breakfast and are gluten free, vegan, and top 8 (and top 14) allergy free!

My daughter requested these for her first day of second grade this year and also asked for extra sprinkles… hey who I am to argue over that!?!

Gather all your ingredients and supplies as you would to bake a cake but no cake pan needed, instead you’ll need a waffle iron for these. For this recipe you’ll need a vanilla cake mix and we have been thinking we’ll be trying with our chocolate cake mix very soon too!

Prepare the batter as you would like you’re baking a cake. To make these funfetti add a generous amount of our all-natural sprinkles to the batter. (you can certaintly make these without the sprinkles too if you prefer.)

After the batter is prepared set aside and preheat your waffle iron. Once preheated pour the batter onto the waffle iron alike you would a regular waffle mix.

Make sure to follow the cooking time as suggested on your waffle iron and also be sure to use a non-stick cooking spray in between each waffle you’re making (we learned the hard way and had some stick to the waffle iron.)

Garnish with strawberries and your safe whipped cream if you’d like. Speaking of whipped cream we’ll be sharing a delicious allergy-friendly whipped cream recipe soon using our Vanilla Frosting Mix and the liquid from a can of chickpeas – yes, chickpeas!

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Comment below with when your children are going back-to-school and what they are requesting for their first day breakfast?!

Enjoy and happy back-to-school!

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