Baking Squad Feature: Michelle Isban of Allergy Mom with a Mission

We are so excited to share some of our Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Squad with you throughout the next few months.

Today we are Introducing you to our Baking Squad Ambassador Michelle from Allergy Mom with a Mission.  Learn more about Michelle in our below short interview with her and what her goals are for 2021!

⁠❤️ About: ⁠ Our family of 5 lives in Westchester, NY. I am anaphylactic to tree nuts and have oral allergies to many raw fruits and veggies. Our 12 year old son has no allergies and our 8 year old daughter is allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and shellfish. I became more involved in food allergies and I worked as The Community Events Director for End Allergies Together.  I started Allergymomwithamission to help further build awareness, community, and advocacy for our food allergy community.

❤️ Favorite holiday tradition with your family: ⁠We celebrate Chanukah and every year our children receive a check and they need to choose a charity to write a personal letter and donate to. It’s a way of giving back and not just receiving. 

❤️ Goals for 2021⁠: To continue being there for my family and to help raise funds and awareness for the food allergy community when we can safely have community events again.

❤️ Favorite thing about Kate’s Safe and Sweet: ⁠I love supporting our fellow food allergy families, but it really tastes so delicious. The recipes are not only easy and yummy, but I love not having to call the company to ensure it’s safe.

Thank you Michelle for sharing a snippet into your life.  We are grateful for your advocacy and working towards building a better future for children with food allergies.

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