Applesauce Cake

When the crisp Fall airs come blowing in, that means it’s time for apple and cinnamon! Applesauce cake is easy to make with our all-purpose flour and vanilla frosting mix. Top 14 allergen free, gluten free and vegan.  And of course requires no eggs to bake! Our carrot cake banana bread makes are a great […]

Easy Peach Cobbler

We are big fans of fresh summer peaches and while in abundance this summer we decided to make some delicious cobbler with them. This recipe is super easy to make and would be great to serve at a party, with or without your favorite ice cream on top! This recipe is top 14 allergen free, […]

Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Carrot Banana Bread Enjoying

Carrot cake and banana bread are both some of my family favorites, so we combined those two favorites into one with this recipe. We baked this with our all-purpose flour and vanilla frosting mix to make a glaze atop. Top 14 allergen free, gluten free and vegan.  And of course requires no eggs to bake! […]

Rainbow Pride Cake

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Pride Cake

June is Pride Month which is all about lifting up LGBTQ voices, celebrating LGBTQ culture and the supporting LGBTQ rights. This colorful rainbow Pride cake is an amazing way celebrate! You could also go the route of making a rainbow layered cake, but we decided to do a chocolate cake with a fun rainbow on top […]

Churro Cupcakes

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Churro Cupcake Tray

Recently our teachers were treated to a teacher appreciation lunch which was Mexican themed. They asked for parents to bring some desserts for the teachers. Since it was Mexican themed I thought churro cupcakes would be a delicious addition! These are simple to make with our mixes and you could even bake up some mini […]

Strawberry Snack Cake

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Strawberry Snack Cake on Plates with toppers

Strawberry cake has been one of the most asked for recipes and we are excited to share with you.This cake is full of strawberries both in the cake and the icing. This cake is light, tender, moist, and is bursting with strawberry flavor. Both the cake and frosting is made this using a mix of freeze […]

Mini Gingerbread Cakes

Kate's Safe & Sweet - Mini Gingerbread Cakes on Tray

Gingerbread is a perfect compliment to the winter holidays, and we have decided to use this recipe for both donuts and mini gingerbread shaped cupcakes. For the donuts we topped them with a cinnamon sugar mixture and you can see them here. We these we topped them with a little frosting piped on with a […]