Strawberry Frosting

It’s strawberry season and we have something you’ll want to use those fresh in-season strawberries for – strawberry frosting!  We made this using a mix of freeze dried and fresh strawberries.  

It’s a yummy and delicious frosting that is perfect for summer and has a very light and pleasant strawberry taste ? Oh and it’s naturally colored with no dyes too!⠀

We’re sharing how versatile our mixes are (check out our lemon cupcakeseasy baked donuts, cake pop, mint chocolate cake bar, and granola cupcake recipes from the past.)

This frosting starts with our vanilla frosting mix and is top 8 allergen free, vegan and gluten free. They can be topped with our sprinkles if you’d like!⠀

Gather all your ingredients and supplies (as listed in the below recipe card.) You’ll need a blender to make these.

To start, place freeze dried strawberries in blender. Turn blender on low, then slowly work your way up to high. Let it run until you end up with a fine powder. Remove powder from blender and place aside.

Place strawberries into blender and puree. Place aside.

Pour frosting mix into a bowl and stir in the freeze dried strawberry powder.

Beat butter / shortening (or combo) in a separate bowl. Add in frosting mix as per label alternating with the fresh strawberry puree in place of your milk of choice. If the frosting is not to the right consistency add in a smallamount of milk of your choice.

This frosting is so tasty out of the bowl or great on both vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.

My family all loved this frosting and they thought it was great for the summer!

This frosting is top 8 allergen free, gluten free, and vegan. Garnish with strawberries if you’d like!

We hope that you give this delicious strawberry frosting a try. Don’t forget to stop back for more recipes on Wednesdays.

Enjoy and Happy Baking!

Below is the recipe card:

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