Color Garden Pastel Food Coloring


Color Garden® pure natural food colors bring fun and creativity back to baking without any artificial preservatives or any top allergens!

Set includes: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Lime Green, Sky Blue.

Top 8 Allergen Free, Gluten Free & Vegan!

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Color Garden® food colors are 100% plant based derived solely from fruits and vegetables and can be used right out of the box to naturally color our frosting.  Each box includes five different single-use packets and a handy guide to using them.

Each individual packet of Color Garden pure natural food colors delivers enough color to frost one medium-sized cake (roughly sixteen ounces of frosting) or 12 cupcakes. The single-use packet is designed to be used all at once. Since these are all-natural colors they will spoil if mishandled therefore best to use the entire contents of a single package.

Pastel Food Colors included are: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Lime Green, Sky Blue

Pastel Food Coloring ingredients: (PINK) Beet Juice; (PURPLE) Purple Grape Juice; (YELLOW) Turmeric; (LIME GREEN) Spirulina, Turmeric; (SKY BLUE) Spirulina. All colors contain less than 1% ethyl alcohol to preserve freshness.

  • Five single-use transparent plastic packets (6g) each.
  • Each individual packet delivers enough color for one medium-sized cake or approximately 16oz of frosting.
  • Each box is Net Wt. 1 oz
  • 100% plant-based pure, natural color.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Includes insert with icing recipes, coloring tips and more.
  • Top 8 allergen free!
  • Manufactured in a dedicated Top 8 Allergen Free facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish.
  • Non-GMO • Gluten-Free • Allergen-Free • Vegan

You can mix pure natural food colors like you would mix paints: red plus blue makes purple; yellow plus blue makes green, etc. Please do not expect bright vibrant “iridescent” colors like you may have seen with artificial colors. Color Garden pure natural food colors are softer, more muted, more pastel than artificial colors.

Everyone can have fun using natural ingredients – including you!

Color Garden pure natural food colors are allergen free. However, if you or your child have non top 8 food allergies, particularly to fruits and vegetables, we recommended contacting Color Garden for any specific questions.

These five pack of Color Garden dyes are available through Kate’s Safe and Sweet in both Primary colors and Pastel colors!  To learn more about Color Garden dyes please visit their website here.


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