Lemon Cake or Cupcakes

In today’s Wednesday feature we are sharing a delicious recipe for lemon cake or cupcakes 🍋 Allergy friendly, vegan, and gluten free.

Each Wednesday we’re sharing our versatile our mixes are (did you catch our easy baked donuts last week!?!)

These lemon treats are super easy to make using our vanilla cake mix and vanilla frosting mix and great for spring and summer 🍋

In addition to our mixes and ingredients needed for those you’ll also need some lemons of course! You can use lemon concentrate or freshly squeezed lemon- it’s up to you. We have both options listed on our below recipe card.

Oh and you’ll also need some finely grated lemon rind 🍋

Leave us a comment and let us if you like lemon desserts and what your favorite is? We love anything lemon, especially these cupcakes of course!