Baking Squad Feature: Allison Agulnick of Gluten Free Girl Boss

Kate's Safe and Sweet - Baking Squad Feature-Allison Agulnick
We are so excited to share some of our Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Squad with you throughout the next few months.

Today we are Introducing you to our Baking Squad Ambassador Allison from Gluten Free Girl Boss.  Learn more about Allison in our below short interview with her and what her goals are for 2021!
Kate's Safe and Sweet - Baking Squad Feature-Allison Agulnick

⁠❤️ About: ⁠Hey y’all! I’m Allison, aka Gluten Free Girl Boss (@glutenfreegirlboss). I am a twenty-something (six) year old Northerner turned Southerner! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014. Shortly after that, I created Gluten Free Girl Boss to be a resource to those avoiding gluten!

❤️ Favorite holiday tradition with your family: ⁠My fave holiday tradition is eating. A lot. We do an almost 100% GF Thanksgiving and I swear I never eat as much as I do on Thanksgiving.

❤️ Goals for 2021⁠: ⁠My goals for 2021 are to spend more time with the ones I love and to continue cooking/baking some delicious foods.

❤️ Favorite thing about Kate’s Safe and Sweet: ⁠Everything I have tried from Kates has been so delicious! The mixes are easy to use and I love that they are safe for so many people go eat!

Allison - Gluten Free Girl Boss
Thank you Allison for sharing a snippet into your life!

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